About us

Our team took part in, and currently participates in many international projects, including mission Bepi-Colombo, Tellescope Cherenkov Array (CTA), Rosetta mission, Chandrayaan-1 mission, Phobos-Grunt mission, Lunar Geophysical Package (L-GIP), or mission Obstanovka. We cooperate with many Polish foreign institutions, including with European Space Agency (ESA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Space Research Institute Russian of the Academy of Sciences, the German Space Center (DLR), GeoPlanet, AGH University of Science and Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. The idea behind the creation of Space Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory is based on three main categories: People, Projects, Equipment - Infrastructure. Experience staff at the Space Research Centre, young PhDs and candidates for doctor’s degree at CBK PAN, and technical universities' gradutates are the Lab's core. This combination of expertise, professionalism, ambition and innovative approaches to the problems posed allows for fast and accurate development of the Laboratory. A number of projects, which are just taking off allow, through the absorption of financial resources, to sustain and stimulate the development of human resources as well as maximum utilization of research equipment. The third aspect, one that is a prerequisite for achieving the Lab's objectives of unique scientific concepts, is the scientific equipment and infrastructural facilities.