Planetary surfaces physics

Amongst various projects in which the Space Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory participates, issues related to the physics of planetary surfaces have a distinctive status.

The scope of interest of the Laboratory staff involves the strength and thermal properties of constituent materials of rocky surface of Solar System bodies such as planets, moons, planetoids, asteroids, etc.

Our research includes both theoretical analyses, such as:

- numerical modeling of the process of immersing penetrating mechanisms into the Solar System rocky bodies’ ground,

- numerical modeling of heat transfer,

- analytical considerations of the abovementioned phenomena,

and also laboratory tests conducted on the basis of certain materials  - space soils analogues.

Laboratory is in possession of, inter alia, materials that are official and qualified simulants of Lunar soil - JSC1-A and CHENOBI, and materials - analogues of comets’ and asteroids’ soil. The laboratory also has a set of various types of sensors and equipment intended for research.