38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly

Between 18th and 25th July, couple of members of the Space Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory SRC PAS participated in the 38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly - an international conference organized by the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), which this year took place in Germany in Bremen.

COSPAR was established by the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) during the international meeting in London in 1958. First Space Science Symposium was held in Nice in January 1960. COSPAR objective is to promote - on an international level - scientific research in space, with an emphasis on exchange of results, information and opinions, and to create an open forum for all researchers to discuss issues that may affect the future of space research.

COSPAR Scientific Assembly is the largest interdisciplinary conference of this kind in the world dedicated to the study of outer space, including physics of the solar system. Space Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory in this aspect mainly deals with the subsurface physics of the Solar System bodies - or more precisely measuring the heat transfer and effective thermal conductivity.

During the thematic session B02 dedicated to Mars exploration, Ph.D. Seweryn Karol gave a presentation entitled “CHOMIK - Sampling Device of Penetrating Type for Russian Phobos Sample Return Mission,” about the penetrator CHOMIK on a mission Phobos-Grunt being constructed at the Space Research Centre.

During the poster session two posters prepared by the Space Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory staff and relating to the results of theoretical and experimental studies of heat flux have been presented: " Optimal Strategy of Thermal Conductivity Measurements in the Lunar and Cometary Materials" (K. Seweryn, A. Przepiórka, R. Wawrzaszek, M. Banaszkiewicz) and " Influence of the Mole Penetrator on Measurements of Heatflow in Lunar Subsurface Layers" (R. Wawrzaszek, M. Drogosz, K. Seweryn, M. Banaszkiewicz, J. Grygorczuk).