The II Conference on Aerospace Robotics (CARO) is devoted to presenting and discussing the ongoing international activities connected with aerospace robotics. 

Robots, particularly operating in an unstructured environment, epitomize a network of connections between countless scientific and technological aspects. Robots placed on orbit or other space environments bring many interesting scientific and technical challenges. There are many fascinating problems related to space factors like the atmospheric difference, gravity, remote location, communication and space hazard. Defining, discovering and finding solution for the challenges encountered in space robotics is the main topic of the conference.

In this context, the conference will constitute a valuable opportunity not only to discuss the typical issues connected with control system, mechatronics and robotics, but also to provide a chance to exchange information with people involved in orbital mechanics, planetology and material sciences.
The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:
- Space robotics,
- Space manipulators,
- Flying robots,
- Quadrotors
- Satellite formation flying,
- Mobile robots,
- Robotic space exploration,
- Autonomous robots,
- UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle),
- Sensor fusion,
- Signal processing.