Recent test campaign of the manipulator mounted on the unmanned helicopter


Test campaign of the manipulator (built in the SRC PAS) mounted on the unmanned helicopter was carried out on the 31th of August within the project ‘Testing space robots on the autonomous helicopter’ conducted with the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics of the AGH University of Science and Technology.

Company UAVS Poland also participated in the performed work. The helicopter was performing an autonomous flight using autopilot, while the manipulator executed various sequences of motions. The purpose of the performed tests was to analyze the ability of the helicopter’s control system to compensate the disturbances induced by the motions of the manipulator.

Data from the helicopter’s autopilot and from accelerometers mounted on the end-effector of the manipulator were collected for further analysis. During the next test campaign, additional mass will be added at the end-effector.