Test capaign of the manipulator in the Grant 94 project

Test campaign of the manipulator (built in the SRC PAS) mounted on the unmanned helicopter was recently carried out within the project ‘Testing space robots on the autonomous helicopter’ conducted with the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics of the AGH University of Science and Technology. The first stage of tests took place on the 22ndDecember 2011, while the second stage took place on the 13thJanuary 2012. Due to winter conditions and foul weather (strong wind) tests of the helicopter equipped with the manipulator were conducted inside a rented hall. During performed experiments various sequences of manipulator’s motions were tested and influence of these motions on the behavior of the helicopter was manually compensated via remote control system. Data from the helicopter’s autopilot and from accelerometers mounted on the helicopter and on the end-effector of the manipulator were collected for further analysis. Tests of the helicopter in autonomous flight will be conducted in the next phase of the project.

Img. Manipulator built in SRC PAS on unmanned helicopter Aquila during a flight test at 13/01/2012.