Analysis of sensors: CENA, SWIM, SIR2 (Chandrayaan-1 mission)

Project name: Modaland harmonic analysis of CENA, SWIM (missionChandrayaan-1)

Participants in the project: K. Seweryn

Timeframe of the project:

Chandrayaan-1 was the first Indian spacecraft and artificial satellite of the Moon.
Its main objectives were:
- An observations of the lunar surface in the visible spectrum, near infrared and X-ray of low and high energy;
- Realization of three-dimensional map of the lunar surface with a resolution of 5 - 10 m;
- To map the distribution of chemical elements and minerals on the Moon.

Chandrayaan-1 operated in orbit around the moon for 293 days, so less than half the time of the mission, designed to last two years. The probe delivered over 70 000 photographs and collected data about the content of minerals and chemical elements on the lunar surface. The contribution of our laboratory in Chandrayaan-1 mission was to conduct modal and harmonic analysis of sensors:
- CENA (Chandrayaan-1 Energetic Neutral Analyzer),
- SWIM (Solar Wind Monitor),
- SIR 2 (Spectrometer InfraRed 2).
To performthe calculationsthe Finite ElementMethodwas used (ANSYSsoftware).

Usytuowanie sensorów CENA, SWIM na indyjskiej sondzie kosmicznej Chandrayaan-1
Model instrument CENA podzielony na elementy skończone