CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array)

The SRC PAS is a member of the Polish Consortium of Cherenkov Telescope Array Project. This consortium was formed by seven Polish scientific units, and it’s a part of the international consortium. Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) stands for an initiative to build the next generation of ground-based gamma-ray instruments which will provide the deepest ever insight into the non-thermal high-energy universe. The current baseline design of CTA foresees a factor of 5-10 improvement in sensitivity in the current energy domain of about 100 GeV to some 10 TeV and an extension of the accessible energy range well below 100 GeV and to above 100 TeV. The Laboratory is involved in works on the optimal solution for the Cherenkov telescope mirrors. The aim of modeling the structure of the mirror was to obtain maximum deflection of the mirror, so at a given load deformation does not exceed 1 mm. The second important parameter to achieve is to cause the deformity affected as little as possible the optical properties of the telescope. The factor of deformation shape is the theoretical spot size of rays reflected from the deformed reflective surface.