Sensors to measure the heat conductivity

Project name: Sensors to measure the heat conductivity

Participants In the Project: K. Seweryn, R. Wawrzaszek

Timeframe of the project:


Space Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory conducts research on construction of sensors to measure the heat conductivity.

The mainobjectives of the project are:
-Sensors ‘hot-rod’ (which provided the measurement of thetemperature and heating at the same time) for measuring the thermal conductivity of the soil,
- Low price,
- Temperature measurement accuracy of at least 0.01 K,
- Compact size (1-1.5 cm),
- Modularity,
- The ability of assembly stacks of sensors of different lengths (allows, according on the needs, combining the sensors for measurement in single or multi points and quasi-linear sensors).

- Separated circuits for heating and measurement

- Shape that allows comparisonsof results with MUPUS-TP – type sensor (cylinder of 1 cm diameter),
- Design based on platinum wire.

Possible applicationsof this type of sensors:
- MUPUS type penetrators,
- KRET type penetrators,
-Destination: Moon, Mars, Asteroids, Comets, Earth -silos, the study of dunes.
Sensory w trakcie przeprowadzania testów