Ultra-lightweight manipulator to suport exploring and testing equipment


In space missions one of the most important factors determining the utility of certain technical solutions is its mass and dimensions while stowed. As a rule, planetary manipulators intended for exploratory missions should not exceed the weight of 2kg – e.g. ESA-led mission ExoMars (HP3 experiment). One of the technologies that is able to fulfill the mass requirement is based on Tubular Booms, using which ultra-light structures can be build. To this end the Laboratory is developing a TB deployment mechanism. The concept of this 2-3m TB lightweight deployment mechanism is based on 3 degrees of freedom system: extension, tilting and horizontal rotation. This deployment mechanism concept for the lunar experiments bases on the tubular booms (25mm dia., 0.15mm thickness) with additional support of the guy strips. A couple of booms and strips (single strip is also considered) for improved torsion stiffness and buckling are being used. The deployment will be driven by three electrical gear-motors, separate for each dof. A payload is attached at the end of TBs. The guy strips are fixed to the slider which will move forward using the TBs as a guide. A special route of the strip will provide for the position of the slider to be set up in the middle of the extended tubes. At any given time the guy strips’ length will determine the tilting position.

Manipulator w położeniu startowym (złożony)
Manipulator w położeniu pośrednim (częściowo wysunięty i podniesiony)
Manipulator w położeniu końcowym (całkowicie wysunięty i opuszczony)